FPGA crypto library in SME

With the SME mode, we want to provide "hardware design for software programmers". Since FPGA's are very low level and have been difficult to work with, many components that a software programmer takes for granted are not readily available. Most components require a setting up a royalty-based licensing deal, making it difficult to approach for academics and experimental development. We would like to have a crypto-library developed for SME, including some of the standard algorithms: RSA, AES and SHA256. Depending on the desired project duration, we can add/remove algorithms and work harder at the optimization details. We have developed proof-of-concept implementations for MD5 and AES, but would like to have optimized open-source implementations in SME. Since the SME code can be transpiled to VHDL, this would also make the crypto-library usable by traditional hardware developers.

Tags: sme hardware fpga crypto aes rsa sha sha256

Activities: Implement crypto methods in SME such that they fit a hardware implementation

Contact: Kenneth Skovhede <skovhede@nbi.ku.dk>, Brian Vinter <vinter@nbi.ku.dk>

Area: Project Bachelor Masters