3D interactive visualization of Earth from core to crust

Master´s thesis project with geology master student(s); make a program capable of processing geochemical and geophysical data to illustrate processes and the interaction of earth’s crust, mantle and core in 3D. All programming and the creation of the program falls to you, method of creation has been established and all input data will be generated for you. The goal of the project is to create a working prototype with several high-resolution areas illustrating specific geological processes using specific data for these areas, as well as lower resolution areas illustrating basic geologic processes using data from databases such as GEOROC and USGS. This will be a group master thesis (60 ects point) preferably starting in block 3 this school year (February 2018).

Tags: CSP

Activities: Design and programming.

Contact: Brian Vinter, vinter@nbi.ku.dk

Area: Masters