SME based backend for running Bohrium on FPGA

The Bohrium runtime system accepts verctorized input from a number of top-level languages, and executes them on various platforms, such as CPU and GPGPU. With this project we would like to build a hardware circuit generator from the instructions passed to Bohrium. Using the SME hardware modelling system this can be done in a much shorter time than what is normally possible for hardware designs. The project can leverage the Bohrium kernel splitting to avoid large memory requirements, and add additional constraints to the analysis engine. Since the compile time can be quite long for hardware, this should probably be developed such that the user sends trace data through the program, which generates the code, but executes on CPU. After the trace run, the user can start the compilation, and further executions of this code should then use the compiled versions.

Tags: bohrium sme hardware

Activities: Write a hardware kernel generator from Bohrium virtual machine bytecode

Contact: Brian Vinter, or Kenneth Skovhede,

Area: Masters