Tiered Lustre frontend for ERDA

The Electronic Research Data Archive (UCPH ERDA or just ERDA) is a storage, sharing and archiving facility provided by University of Copenhagen to employees and students. This project seeks to implement a so-called "tiered" frontend to ERDA. Tiered storage (or Hierarchical Storage Management, HSM) is composed of a number of increasingly faster and more responsive storage types (e.g. SSDs for "hot" data, HDDs for active data and magnetic tape for passive and/or latent data. Lustre-HSM allows "agents" to be written to perform movement between tiers. In this project should implement such an agent. The agent should use usage data retrieved directly form the ERDA system. This data should be analysed to understand access patterns and determine what data is hot, what is active and what is passive/latent.

Tags: storage, lustre, hsm

Activities: Analysis, design, implementation

Contact: Klaus Birkelund Jensen, <birkelund@nbi.ku.dk>

Area: Masters